You Want to Take It Outside? A Natural Approach to Hope and Healing

Amy Frame, Westside Global Awareness Magnet and Jason Liou, Associate Executive Director, UCLA’s UniCamp

Come learn how anyone can use outdoor education approaches to improve student and staff well-being and build real community. In this workshop you will participate in three proven activities that are drawn from UCLA’s UniCamp, a program that has been connecting L.A.’s underserved kids with weeklong mountain retreats for 50 years. Hear diverse voices describe how outdoor activities create authentic, culturally responsive learning experiences for campers and counselors alike, and how multi-level leadership programs strengthen self-efficacy and college and career pathways. In addition to a moment of relaxation outside and lesson plans for activities you can conduct on any campus, you will learn how to advocate for outdoor education trips, and how school accountability measures, grant funding, current research, and vetted local partners can all help achieve the goal of 100% of our urban students getting quality time in nature every year.

Note: This workshop will be conducted 25%-100% outdoors depending on weather conditions, so dress comfortably.

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