Edge InSchool Coaching Can Help

Neil Peterson, Edge Foundation

Learn how Edge InSchool Coaching can help students with executive functioning deficits – poor impulse control, difficulty planning and executing, etc. – to have more agency and be happier and more successful in school. Edge, a 12 year-old nonprofit, trains school personnel to provide coaching – the same kind of coaching corporate executives get – to at-risk students. Now in 30 schools across the country, we’ve seen absences and disciplinary contacts fall by half and grades go up because students are less frustrated and discouraged. Coaching techniques are useful in classroom practice as well as during weekly one-on-one coaching. School disciplinary interventions are often not equitable – reducing them is important. Poor impulse control, inattentiveness and other classroom problems often stem from ACEs, ADHD and other executive function deficits; coaching helps students have better outcomes in school – and in life. See our website: https://edgefoundation.org/in-school-coaching/

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