Relationships matter most to child development: The What? Why? and How? of developing great relationships

This presentation offers a new way of thinking about raising children. The focus is less on what a parent should do and more on how a parent should relate with their child. A strong parent child relationship is the factor most closely associated with healthy child development- emotionally, socially and academically. Dr. Pally will explain: What a strong relationship looks like; Why it gives children all the nutrients and skills they need to learn, be resilient and do well in life; and What specific tools a parent can use to build and maintain a strong relationship with their child. It is called Reflective Parenting because the most important tool is the capacity to be reflective- meaning that the adult is responsive to the underlying meaning of a child’s behavior, rather than just being reactive to the behavior itself. Additional tools include, the ability to: accept ‘there is no one right way’ to parent; tolerate uncertainty and not knowing; balance empathy with limit setting; be flexible and open minded and adjust one’s approach to best fit the needs of the child. These relationship building tools are not unique to parents and children. These same tools can benefit and strengthen all relationships!

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